168 Colors Single Art Markers Brush Alcohol Based Markers Sketch Pen Dual Drawing Painting Set Manga Architecture Art Supplies

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Item Name : Art Markers

Body Material: Plastic safe and healty for human body and environment.

Characteristic : Dual Head / Alcohol Based / Manga Sketch Markers

Application: Animation/Product/Standard/Clothing/Landscape/Student/Indoor/Building Design

Length : 16 cm

Body Color : White

Colors : 168 Colors

Our commitment :

1, there are quality problems within 10 days after receiving the product,

we will reissue or refund.

2, the product is kept in a cool place, it will not dry up in 3 years.

Marker FAQ

A. About ink shortage or water leakage.

1. Marker pen is a double-headed marker. It can be placed vertically for a long time during storage and transportation.

When used, it may cause the water that is facing upwards to be not smooth. It is recommended to change the cap

and gently shake it to use it normally.

2, because the marker is alcohol as the main solvent, so please change the cap in time to avoid the ink evaporation.

B, about the color difference problem.

1, the color difference between the cap and the ink, due to the different materials, the color of the deviation is a normal phenomenon.

2, the actual color and the color difference of the computer display, due to the brightness of each computer, the contrast

is different, the color will not be reflected. It is recommended to make a color card before using it, and then refer to

the color card with a marker.

3, a variety of paper pH, water content is not the same, the color of the painting will be different.

C, about the pen head section out of the problem.

It is because of the vacuum when pulling the cap, press the pen to reset.

D, about the scent of the pen.

Marker’s ink uses alcohol as the main solvent, has an alcoholic taste, is volatile, so it smells.

If you find other problems, please contact our customer service in time, we promise to reissue the damaged pen within 10 days after receiving the goods.

Thank you for your support, welcome to order.