1PC Nail Art Graffiti Pen Waterproof Painting Drawing Liner Brush DIY Flower Pattern Fine Details Manicure Tools

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1pcs Nail Graffiti Pen Waterproof Nail Art Painting Drawing Brush Pen DIY Flower Pattern Professional Nail Art Manicure Tools

Item Type: Nail Graffiti Pen
Color: Black
Ink Color: Black

100% Brand New and Hight Quality
Absolute fast drying; Waterproof; Lasting.
Easy to operate, an important nail art tool to help you design nail art or makeup look.
Create your favorite patterns whatever you want freely.

Package Included:
1pcs Nail Graffiti Pen

PLS Note:
1. Do not expose the pen tip for a long time to prevent dry out easily.
2. Before use, shake it gentally. Do not shake it forcefully which may cause the vacuum pen tude damage.
3. If the pen tip blocked, and ink not come out, please dip a piece of cotton pad with some acetone or gel liquid. And lightly scratch the pen tip on the wet cotton pad in one direction.
4. Always use this graffiti pen on smooth surface. Do not use it on non-dried UV gel polish. Must use it on dried UV gel polish.
5. After finished drawing, you may apply gel top coat for sealing. Apply the gel top coat 2 to 3 layers in one direction only, or it will casue color dissolve.