1PCS Oblique Head Foundation brush Powder Concealer Liquid Foundation Face Makeup Brushes Tools Professional Beauty Cosmetics

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Q: Is the brush soft enough? What is the material?
A:Yes, of course, our brushes are made of high quality nylon hair and are very soft.
Q: What can a makeup brush be used for?
A: Friends, our makeup brush is oblique, you can use for foundation, contour powder and concealer and so on. It is makeup necessary product.
Q: Do makeup brushes have flaws and breakages?What should I do if I receive a makeup brush that is broken or unsatisfactory?

A:Friends, each makeup brush we will check its quality, check whether there is dirty, and bristles are complete, do not worry, we have a professional makeup brush factory, our makeup brush style will continue to update.don’t worry, feel free to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible to solve the problem. Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

Q: How should the makeup brush be cleaned?
A: Use warm water and make-up water to wash, and then wash it with water several times until the makeup brush is clean. Then keep the makeup brush vertically on the drying rack and place it at the vent until it is dry.


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