3pcs/set Copper head Hook Line Fine Paint Brush Chinese Calligraphy Brush Pen Paint Brush Art Stationary Oil Painting Brush

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L: Length: 23.5cm Diameter: 0.4cm Hair length: 3.0cm

M: Length: 23.0cm Diameter: 0.35cm Hair length: 2.5cm

S: Length: 22.5cm Diameter: 0.3cm Hair length: 2.0cm


Before the very first time use, the brush needs to be prepared first: Press the brush hair, relax the hair. Put in warm water. Let it sit for at least 3 minutes. Then wash away any falling hair.

To take care of the brush:

. Discard the plastic cap. Never use it again. The moist collected inside the plastic cap will damage the hair.

. For storage: best is to hang the brush when not used.

. Wash after use to remove the ink in the hair.

. Before each use, wash in the water first before dipping it in the ink.

Package Included:

3 x Calligraphy Brush