6 Color Liquid Eyeliner Pencil NOVO Cosmetics Eye Makeup Long Lasting Waterproof Black Eye Liner Pen Women Make Up

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Type :liquid eyeliner


Style :SIX styles for you to choose


Powerful waterproof,anti-sweat and anti-oil formulations,the effect is lasting.Soft texture ,bright color,smooth picture of nature can be thick eyeliner,highlighting the fascinating crystal eyes contains moisturizing ingredients repair factor,detailed tender muscles can care for eyes


1.Create design of double head,with DIY decorative seal to embellish artistic eye makeup

2.Strokes are silky,smooth and easily to draw a perfect line that glow electric sexy eyes.

3.The eyeliner pen with the cool black ,waterproof and anti-sweat formula that can hold makeup for a whole day.

How to use

1.Use the liquid eyeliner pen to draw a fine line along the base of the upper lashes from canthus to the end of the eye.

2.Draw along the base of nether lashes in reverse.

3.Fill the missing void gently .


For external use only .Avoid contact with eyes .Please store it under shade environment and keep out of reach of children .