72/36/48colors Drawing Pencil Set Colored Pencil Set Artist Painting Pencil Wooden Graffiti Stationery Crayons Multifunctional

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Color: multicolor
Lead color: 12 colors, 18 colors, 24 colors, 36 colors, 48 colors, 72 colors
Material: first class elm
Shell material: paper
Uses: brush
Lead hardness: color
Pen length: 17.5cm
Refill diameter: 3.0Mm
Single pen net weight: 6g

Penholder elasticity, suitable to put the pencil, lead activities, eyebrow pencil, etc.
Perfect gift for kids, art students, amateur and professional artists,etc.
Safe and non-toxic,non lead,harmless oil colour,especially suitable for kids and students.
Smooth coverage and a wide array of colors to choose from make it easy to find a soft spot for these premium pencils.
Thick, robust leads resist cracking and chipping making them perfect for adult coloring books

Packing list:
1*12 Color pencil
1*18 Color pencil
1*24 Color pencil
1*36 Color pencil
1*48 Color pencil
1*72 Color pencil