ALLNOEL 925 Sterling Silver Ring For Women 100% Natural Labradorite Gemstone 1.3ct Real Gold Wedding Engagement Fine Jewelry

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■Products: 925 silver material with real K-gold plated inlaid with natural gems, printting S925 mark , our Electroplating process adopt MIC gold plating, color retention time several times longer than the general plating, it is recommended that buyers know more about silver jewelry maintenance knowledge.

■Pictures: The pictures shown are all taken in kind. Because of the light or display, the color of the pictures may be slightly different from that of the real objects, all of which are based on the real objects.we don`t support return and exchange of Color difference appearance

■Stone: Natural gemstone has a small amount of natural cotton wool, ice cracking, impurities, mineral shortage. The color of natural stone is slightly different from each other, which is a natural performance of the characteristics, orderring regarded as the default. These characteristics of natural things themselves are inevitable,This is not a quality issue.

■Certificate: Certificate issued by Guangdong Provincial Authoritative Gemstone Certificate is supported, but the certificate fee is self-paid ($3 for each additional certificate, if need,please contact with the customer service

ALLNOEL 925 Sterling Silver Ring For Women 100% Natural Labradorite Gemstone 1.3ct Real Gold Wedding Engagement Fine Jewelry



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100% 925 sterling

Silver + Real Gold Plated

Main stone



Customizable inlaid other gems



Effect and function of labradorite

1. Steady, firm and long wavelength energy characteristics are helpful to strengthen vitality and enhance physical strength and endurance for those who are prone to fatigue and often suffer from physical weakness;

2. For those who often need to work overtime, they can wear labradorite, which helps to supplement physical strength unconsciously and is not easy to fatigue;

3. When the eyes are tired and the throat is sore, the labradorite can be pasted on it, and its energy can be used to penetrate and soothe and restore normal;

4. In case of over exercise and over work, muscle and bone ache, you can massage the sore part with labradorite to reduce the pain;

5. Holding the labradorite and sitting still is helpful to improve the frequency of the whole body, strengthen the perspective and insight of things, and avoid being confused by the appearance of things.

6. It is recommended to use labradorite bracelets or hand beads for the maintenance of Ren pulse dryness and heat, whether the Qi pulse has been opened or not. Some people prefer jadeite jade and hope to use jade ring instead of labradorite However, labradorite is recommended. In fact, it has been proved that the effect of labradorite is better than that of Yuhuan in terms of regulating the dryness and heat of renmai

Warm reminder:We guarantee that this is 100% natural labradorite stone, but because the color and blue light of natural stone are different, we can’t ensure that every stone has the same effect, so please take the received material as the standard