Baseus W09 TWS Bluetooth Earphone Wireless Handsfree Headphones Stereo Buletooth 5.0 Earphone HD Gaming Headset Sport Earphone

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Name: Baseus Encok Wireless Earphones W09

– Color: Black / White / Red / Green

– Material: ABS

– Vresion: V5.0

– Charge interface: Type-C

– Suitable for: Compatible with all wireless devices

– Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz


– Standby time: 150 hours

– Charging time: 1.5 hours

– Music time: About 5 hours(70% of the volume)

– With charging box: 30~35hours

– Battery capacity:

450mAh/3.7V(charging box)

40mAh/3.7V (Earphoens)

Vibrant Four Colors,

Attractive and Unforgettable Experience

Youth is not black and white, color is the touching rhythm.

Pick up and Connect, Just in An Instant

Pcick up the earphone to quickly connect to bluetooth for playba

Tap Twice to Start and Stop More Freely

When using dual earphones, double click the left earphone 【L】to wake up the mobile phoen voice assistant; When using single earphone, double click the earphone to play or pause, no voice assistant.Feel the Music Resonance from Ear to Brain

The high-fidelity composite diaphragm equalizes the high, medium and low frequencies. With the DSP digital debugging technology.

Wireless 5.0 10m Distance, 2 Times Faster Transmission

Featured with mainstream bluetooth solution, paired connection

4g Weightless Wear 0 Load for Exercise

As light as 4g, close to your ears at 360°, never afraid of fallEnjoy Music Two Days and One Night

40mAh headphones with 450mAh charging box,

Support alternately magnetic charging of left and right headphone,

always enjoy music for outdoor traveling and exerciseSwitching from Left to Right Ear

Support automatic switching of left and right ears to balace power consumption.

You can always enjoy music and answering calls

if you wear either earphone alone easily unlock more usage scenarios.Annular Runway Texture

1) A little friction makes it easier to wear

2) Vertical charging box, flat vertical design makes vertical storage more convenient

3) Magnetic attraction switch box

Q & A

>>Double-click touch area

—Long press 3 seconds(left and right ear L&R):Start up/Shutdown

>>Music mode

—Long press 1 second(left ear L):last song

—Long press 1 second(right ear R):next song

—Double-click the right ear(R):play/pause

—Double-click the light ear(L):activate voice assistant(for Siri)

>>Call mode

—Double-click left and right ear(L&R):answer/hangup

—Long press left and right ear(L&r):reject a call

>>Battery tip button

—Press:the red ligth is on and the charging box charges the earphone

>>Instructions for Use of Porduct

*Please tear off the insulation tape on the earphone before using, and then put it into the charging box, until the earphones and the charging box are fully charged and then turn it on.

1.Funcion Definitions

>>Dual earphones use

—Start-up:Pick up the earphone form the charging box, turn on the left and right ears to pair automatically, and then enter the two-ear pairing mode.

—Shutdown: Put the earphone into the charging box and the earphone will power off automatically, The charging box will charge the earphone automatically

—Double touch the left ear earphone induction area-voice assistant

—Double touch the right earphone induction aere-play/pause

>>Single earphone use

—Start-up: Pick up the earphone from the charging box, turn on the left and right ears to pair automatically, and then enter the two-ear pairing mode.

—Shutdown: put the earphone into the charging box and te earphone will power off automatically. The charging box will charge the earphone automatically.

Double touch the right ear earphone induction area-play/pause/answer/hangup

2.Paring Mode

—When pairing bluetooth for the first time, please make sure the distance betwwen bluetooth earphone and mobile phone within 1M

—Pick up the left and right ears from the charging box and wear them, the earphone is in pairing mode.

—Turn on the bluetooth function of the mobile phone, search for bluetooth devices, select the device model: Baseus Encok W09, and click connect.

—Enter the pairing password”0000″(some mobile phoens require password for pairing, while some not)

—Please repeat the above operation after the pairing fails, and the indicator will turn off after the pairing succeeds.

—When the user wants to switch the bluetooth device, he or she needs to enter the pairing mode again, and the specific operation is repeated in stpe 2)