Jinhao 599a Matte Fountain Pen Business Office Luxury Ink Pen Gift Pens 4 Kinds Of Nib Ink New 10pcs Can Be Engraved LOGO

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Inspiration: Executive fountain pen.

Body Color: Pictured

Body Material: Iraurita fountain head, Full metal body.

Size: Length 13.8cm*1.2cm.

Net Weight: 20g.

Function: Foutain pen / Gift.


1. High quality Fountain pen. Refined modeling, Fashion personality, plating decoration, Exquisite pattern, Smooth writing and delicate cap.

Customers who need to customize LOGO, please contact customer service. In addition, custom LOGO needs to increase the related LOGO fee.

Customers who need a custom logo,Please buy 10 pcs,Do a laser LOGO on the original pen of Jinhao

Several common questions after the customer receives the product:
1, the new pen absorbs ink but can’t write
Before using a new pen, wash the pen with warm water. Since the nib may be contaminated with oil, the ink may be clogged with oil and cannot be written.
Inhale the ink after cleaning the pen. Start writing, then the pen still can’t write. Please press the tip of the pen for 1-2 seconds and try again and again.

2. What should I do if the pen is easy to leak ink?
Please use a suitable ink bag or water absorber
The Jinhao pen and Baoer pen are 26mm ink bags. Ink bags that are not 26mm caliber cannot be used. If the water absorber is not sealed, it will leak ink.
So please use the right product.

3. How to fix the nib?
Stick the tip of the pen with scotch tape and pull it out, the tip of the pen will be pulled out of the tape. Then remove the pen and insert the new nib and pen into the pen (alignment angle).