Makeup Foundation Sponge Makeup Cosmetic puff Powder Smooth Beauty Cosmetic makeup sponge Marbling Blender Water-drop Shape Puff

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Product Features

★ NON-LATEX MATERIAL,soft feeling.

★ Our beauty sponges turns bigger when wet, the makeup sponge set can be used effortlessly for powder in dry and cream or liquid in wet.

★ Dual-use available,wet and dry .

Wet is used to: BB cream ,Isolation frost,Concealer,CC cream,Foundation liquid,Stick Foundation,Concealer,etc.

Dry is used to : Orgasm ,Eye shadow ,Eyebrow powder ,Pressed powder,Shading powder,Orgasm,Lipstick,Eyebrow powder,etc.

★ Simple use and easy to clean ,is more faster and easier than other applicators. Softer than makeup brushes so gentler for sensitive skin..

★ Edge-less design is for maximum and seamless coverage