Makeup Sponge Marbling Water-drop Shape Foundation Concealer Sponge Mix Powder Cosmetic Puff Make Up Blender

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Product Specifications:
Item Type: Cosmetic Puff/Makeup Puff
Size: About 4*6cm/1.57*2.36 in
Material: Hydrophilic Non-latex Sponge
Colors: Mix Marbling Colors To Choose
Package Included: 1Bag Makeup Sponge
Product Description:
1.Smooth and soft sponge for applying dry/wet powder or foundation.
2.Can Be Used On Base Makeup Founcation、Blush、Concealer 、Remover and so on.
3.Works especially well for hard-to-reach areas to set makeup and create a smooth finish.
If used daily, we recommend washing your sponge once a week with a mild cleanser.