MAXFASFER Primer Makeup Foundation Liquid Moisturizer Waterproof Whitening Concealer Brighten matte Long lasting Cosmetic

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MAXFASFER Face Makeup Foundation Liquid Primer Moisturizer Waterproof Whitening Concealer Brighten Natural Long lasting Cosmetic

About the product

BB (Beauty Balm) CREAM FOUNDATION: Offering natural looking coverage with a flawless finish, our top rated tinted moisturizer BB cream can be used alone to cover blemish or under a foundation for extra coverage.

ALL SKIN TYPES: The ideal everyday BB cream for sensitive skin, use this gentle tinted moisturizer for dry skin, as well as normal, combination, oily, combo, acne prone or mature skin. Improve blemished, dehydrated, uneven or dull skin by applying this anti redness tinting moisturiser with long lasting coverage. This is a high quality that is hypoallergenic and amazing for rosacea.

EFFECTIVE SUNSCREEN: We have formulated our BB cream with the benefit of SPF30 broad spectrum sunblock to protect you from the sun’s rays. The non comedogenic tinted moisturizer with SPF is good for daily use.

NATURAL, VEGAN AND CRUELTY-FREE: Containing antioxidants like soothing chamomile and artemisia to prevent aging, our tinted face moisturizer also features sugar maple to restore a gorgeous glow. This bb cream cosmetic formula has no parabens and acts as a tint lotion that is moisturising and hydrating yet mattifying.

BRAND SKINCARE: Our natural skin care products are a combination of Asian beauty wisdom and modern philosophy, re-inventing time-honored insight in high performing healthy beauty products. Our fans love to review our award winning and recommended cosmetics brand and other online platforms totaling at over 1 million reviews.

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