MAXFASFERX Face Liquid Foundation Makeup Base BB Cream Concealer Invisible Full Coverage Whitening Moisturizer Waterproof

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Our best selling BB cream delivers complexion perfection for a gorgeous matte meets dewy finish. Your beauty balm that glides on like a tinted moisturizer with all the age-defying, coverage, sunscreen benefits of a moisturizer, primer and foundation! It’s perfect for getting that Instagram-filtered version of yourself, featuring our exclusive Asian Herb extracts complex.

BB cream contains Chamomile and Artemisia to soothe skin while the tinted sunscreen’s Sugar Maple retains moisture to create a gorgeous and glowing complexion.

~ skin perfecting color

~ evens skin tone, covers facial blemishes

~ improves skin texture

~ reduces fine lines and wrinkles

~ antioxidant rich moisturizer

~ creates a radiant complexion

Our lightweight medium coverage BB cream is currently available in 8 colors / shades. For normal or dry skin types, wear the BB cream over purlisse moisturizers. For oily skin, wear the BB cream moisturizing makeup alone. For extra coverage, layer the tinted face moisturizer under foundation.

Our skincare products are vegan, cruelty-free and have been formulated with skin sensitivities in mind. Containing pure, safe ingredients, our beauty products are the perfect choice for anyone who respects their skin. Skin care products are all tested against allergies and FDA-approved.

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