New Medium Makeup Sponge Water drop shape Make up Foundation Puff Concealer Powder Smooth Beauty Cosmetic makeup sponge tool

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1.100% Brand New and High Quality.

2.Give you a foundation application evey single time

3.No streaks and no areas with too much makeup or too little.

4.For Beginners is simple,Easy on the makeup effectis of patch.

5.360°For every corner,Point makeup more elaborate.

6.Beautiful&colorful applicator make you more gorgeous and bring you happy mood.

7.Great for home use, outside taking, and as friends’ gift.

Size: about 32mm x 46 mm

Package Included: 20/50 pcs Makeup Sponge


The Cosmetic Puff will become larger when water is encountered,If you need to mix colors, please contact us after placing your order.

How to use:

These sponges can be used dry or wet.


1. Firstly, You put the sponge under running water until it becomes full saturated and then squeeze it gently a few times until it expands fully.

2. Secondly, turn the faucet off and squeeze out all the water gently instead of wringing it in order to prevent tearing.

3. Finaly, use a towel to soak up any excess water, then you can start using it.

4. You could use cold water to wet the sponge and this would cool down your face in summer time. As well, you would use warm water and this would help you warm up in winter time.

Q:What is the powder puff? Will it get bigger in the water? Is it soft?
A:Yes, of course, Our puffs are made from natural non-latex, which will become larger and softer when exposed to water.
Q:Are they the Latest Products?
A: Friends, this is the best makeup design, their color is the most novel, just designed for the perfect lady.
Q: Are their prices the most cost-effective?

A:Friends, if you buy 20, their price is $9.5, each price is only $0.47, the same, if you buy 50, its price is $18.5, each price is only 0.37, the price of the coupon will be lower.

Q: Is this amount too much for me?
A: Friends, you don’t have to worry about this. After you buy, you can assemble and sell it yourself, or give it to classmates, friends, family, because they are so perfect and too cute.

How to Wash & Dry:

Please use bar soap to clean.

Dolovemk highly recommend washing this blender after every use to prevent mold and bacteria growth. Using a dirty sponge can lead to breakouts. Also, bacteria grows in moist conditions. So, make sure to gently squeeze out all the water from the sponge and use a towel to absorb any excess before you let it air dry on a clean surface. Please lay a clean towel on a table and place my sponges on there to dry before storing them in a candle jar. (Do not dry it in a container or makeup pouch where air is limited!

How to kill bacterial strain:

Please pour freshly boiled hot water over my sponge (in an old mug) and hold it down with a spoon for a couple minutes. Then pull it out and rinse with cold water. Works pretty well.