O.TWO.O 24 Hours Lasting Eyeliner Liquid Black Color Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil Smudge-Proof Cosmetic

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This water-based liquid eyeliner pen has a soft, supple felt tip that delivers a smooth, precise application every time.

Crudeness or finenesstest
Easy to remove makeup
Fast dry

1, smooth and uninterrupted
unique water diversion, make the pen full of water.

2, amazing eye makeup
full couver dark black and high pigmneted,create sexy makeup.

3, fast dry
unique curing film factor,easy to fit the skin.

test1 crudeness or finenesstest

test2 fast dry

test3 waterproof

Draw two lines on the hand with an eyeliner, rinse with a mixture of water , and the two lines are not dizzy.

test4 Easy to remove makeup

How to use:

1.Begin by drawing the tailend of the cat eye. the tail should alianwiththe lower lash line andextend out, creatinga symmetrical look.

2.Starting from the centerof the lash line, draw astraight line outward untilit meets the tip of the tailline. this is the outline of your cat eye.

3.Line from the centrof the upper lash line to the inner corner.

4.Fill in the entire areabetween the top line and the tail line to complete the look.

highi quality
exquisite tunes·58 water supply tanks
aloows continuous and even flow
mixing ball:prevent the liquid from solidifying, uniform and natural color
breakthrough water supply technology:58 water supply lock flume even water flow