O.TWO.O Mascara Waterproof 4D Silk Fiber Curling Volume Lashes Thick Lengthening Nourish Eyelash Extension High Quality Makeup

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always curl your lashes first

now you can skip the lash curler
and get an instant lift of lashes
and a curl that’s locked-in all day.

black mascare

Professional Volume Curled Lashes Black Mascare Waterproof Curling
Two brush heads for different groups of people.

long and lush
light without lumping
each of the eyelash is
separate, curling and

extreme lash
watch what happens

Super Black pigment plus collagen
to condition as you coat

White embossed leather
High-grade simplicity.

Exquisite design
White embossed leather, perfectly blended with
rose metal.

makeup mascara
Professional Volume Curled Lashes Black Mascare Waterproof Curling

Lash-Changing Power Brush for maximum
reach, lift, separation & curl.

Innovative ingredients enhance volume condition
and nourish lashes,and contribute to a super glossy finish

Not easy to agglomerate
Waterproof, sweatproof, not blooming

Step 1
Use eyelash curler first
From the root of the eyelash to the top.

Step 2
Apply the brush head to the root of the
eyelashes Brush up the direction of eyelash
growth After using mascara.

Step 3
Eyes need to be used when removing
makeup Dedicated makeup remover.

brand : o.two.o
size : 12 cm * 2 cm
Net weight : 7ml / 0.23 oz.
color : A-B
shelf life : 3 years
advantage : Waterproof, sweatproof, not blooming
Storage mode : Please do not put in
direct light of the sun or the temperature
is too high or too low.
origin : made in china