Pudaier Face Foundation Makeup Liquid Foundation Cream Matte Foundation Base Face Concealer Cosmetic Dropshipping Makeup

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40 Colors of Professional Liquid Foundation

by Pudaier

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Color Guide

Number: Color Series
Letter code(Color orientation / Characteristics)
N: Neutral Regular Skin Tone L: Light/Bright
W: Warm Color O: Olive C: Cool Colors
Y: Yellow R: Red/Pink T: tanned F: Cold white
D:Dark color
Example:0NF is Neutral Cold white 0#

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Hot Color Recommendation

Since there are only 24 choices for a single page, we have selected 22 popular colors for you.
If the color you need is not in the option, you can buy it directly and then Message note the color number.
If you need a trial, please purchase the trial option and Message note the three colors.

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