Starry Sky Mascara 4D Waterproof Fiber Silk Eyelash Thick Curling Natural Lengthening Eye Lash rimel 4d Black Eyes Makeup

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1.This product uses double-layer polymer to wrap eyelashes, prevent powder from falling off, maintain slender effect, so that eyelashes long curl and do not collapse.
2.Oil remover products can remove mascara and do not damage eyelashes.
3.This product is made with plant addition, mild and eye care.
4.This product has waterproof and anti dizzy effect, can make eyelashes lasting long curl.
5.Use this product to make the eyelashes thick.
6.If you want to use beautiful eye makeup to show the glasses’charm, you can’t lose a pair of long curly eyelashes. This mascara can let you have a pair of long curly eyelashes. This product is suitable for gifts to family members, Friends and girlfriends.