Women Waterproof Multifunction Lip Gloss Tint Dyeing Liquid Lipgloss Blusher Long Lasting Makeup Accessories Cosmetica

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100% brand new and high quailty

* Liquid blush/Lip color water the same texture only with a gentle brush with good luck good color!

* Pure water quality is not greasy, very refreshing, even if you eat and drink drinks do not feel that you are coated.

* Gently dip a little can also do liquid blush Oh!

* A bottle can be used for a long time, just dip a little

* Natural dyeing does not fade, can outline the fullness of lip type

* Lipstick lip skin words are difficult to color, and easy to float on the lips

* To make your lips rosy and not discolored *

* Just like a red lip, it’s a good effect

* Net content: 8ML

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1 pcs